Is 2010 the Year for Third Parties?

November 1, 2009 at 8:21 pm 1 comment

For those paying attention, events in New York are shaping up to be quite promising for Third Party political candidates.  Dede Scozzafava, Republican Congressional candidate for New York’s 23rd district, has dropped out of the race after falling behind her third party competitor.

While Conservative Party challenger Doug Hoffman isn’t all that different from your average rank-and-file Republican, the fact that he’s more conservative than centrist Republican Scozzafava has led many New York voters to throw their support behind him.  Recent polling showed Democrat Bill Owens at 36 percent, with Hoffman following at 35 percent, and Scozzafava far behind at 20 percent.  With Scozzafava out of the race, there’s a real possibility that a Third Party candidate could be elected to Congress on Tuesday.

If that’s not encouraging enough, Mark Rhoads, a contributor to conservative blog Illinois Review, just recently wrote that “For many years I was one of those who resisted the idea of a new political party as not being practical.  But I now think that careerist RINO leaders will drive conservatives to that option sooner rather than later.”  While there are distinct differences between Conservatives and Libertarians, it looks like people are beginning to think that real outsiders could be a good choice next fall.

UPDATE: Scozzafava has now endorsed Democrat Bill Owens.


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Illinois Republicans Call for…Bigger Government??

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